The Robinson R22 Beta II is flown throughout the world for many applications, ranging from flight training to livestock mustering to patrolling pipelines that require dependability, low operating costs, and performance.

The R22 Beta II incorporates a Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carburetor-equipped engine fueled with 100L grade aviation gasoline. This 145 hp engine is derated to 131 hp for five minutes at takeoff and 124 hp for continuous operation. A powerful engine, a lightweight steel-tube airframe, and aerodynamic shape gives the R22 a cruise speed of up to 90 kts and an average fuel consumption of only 7-10 gallons per hour.

The R22 seats two adults and occupants have panoramic views due to R22’s large windows. Acoustical foam lowers cabin noise. A heavy-duty muffler and low tail-rotor tip speed lessen flyover noise.

EngineLycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carbureted
HorsepowerDerated to 131 hp for takeoff and 124 continuous
Maximum Gross Weight1370 lb (622 kg)
Approximate Empty Weight (including oil and standard avionics)880 lb (399 kg)
Standard Fuel (16.9 gal)101 lb (46 kg)
Auxiliary Fuel (9.4 gal)56 lb (25 kg)
Pilot, Passenger and Baggage with Standard Fuel389 lb (176 kg)
Max Airspeed (Vne)102 kts (117 mph)
Cruise Speedup to 96 kts (110 mph)
Maximum Range no reserveapprox 250 nm (288 sm)
Hover Ceiling IGE @ 1370 lb9400 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE @ 1300 lb8000 ft
Max Operating Altitude14,000 ft
Electrical System14 volt